Firm Overview

Family law and criminal law cases involve a client’s most intimate and personal issues. From dealing with a spouse to figuring out what is best for your children to staring at the potential loss of liberty, an individual dealing with these concerns needs an attorney who not only knows the law, but also can apply real world solutions to those problems. At the Law Office of Peter J. Lynch, I pride myself on thoughtful and aggressive representation.

thoughtful: given to or chosen or made with anticipation of the needs and wants of others

aggressive: strong or emphatic in effect or intent

Thoughtful and aggressive seem almost contradictory at first glance, but together they are part of a formula that provides comprehensive representation. Thoughtful representation without action becomes paralyzed in an area of law that needs remedies.Aggressive representation without careful consideration becomes needlessly combative in an area of law already filled with tension.

When it comes to family law and criminal matters, actions can be burdened with anxiety and consequences. Take advantage of the free consultation so you can take the next step with knowledge and confidence. Call The Law Office of Peter J. Lynch.